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Popular 3rd party maps
Official Cavedog units
TA Demo Recorder
TA Conflict Crusher
TA Mutator
- Map Creation
Unit Creation
TA Bugfix
Unit, Map, and AI making tutorials

3rd Party Maps

Alien Desert 2 - 1.04 mb
Beta Tropics - 783 kb
Blazters Beach - 2.52 mb
CAT Training Grounds - 614 kb
Center Command - 1.15 mb
Coast 2 Coast 2 - 1.20 mb
Friction - 1.95 mb
Gods of War 2 - 3.48 mb
Great Divide 2 - 847 kb
Johns Pass Redux - 4.22 mb
Johns Pond - 2.42 mb
Metal Heck 2 - 400 kb
PD Marathon - 3.71 mb
PRO54 Tempest - 2.54 mb
Sail Here - 1.25 mb
Tetra - 3.19 mb
The Amazon - 2.68 mb
The Divide - 2.66 mb
The Level - 1.11 mb
The Pass II - 1.17 mb

Official Cavedog units

- Download all six of the official Cavedog units by clicking here - 193 kb.

  "Scarab" Mobile Anti-Nuke (Arm)
  Entomologists define the Scarab as Beetlios nonukeemous.

  "FARK" Fast Assist Repair Kbot (Arm)
  Possessing the nanolathe ability of an Advanced Construction Vehicle, but lacking the ability to actually build anything of its own, the Arm FARK acts as a medic to troops caught in heavy battle, able to get to the front and back at rapid pace.

  "Necro" Resurrection Kbot (Core)
  This level 2 Kbot has the power to bring units back from the dead! Just select a corpse and the Necro will resurrect it, then heal it to full health. Sophisticated radar-invisibility technology allows the Necro to get deep behind enemy lines to bring back dead enemy units as well.

  Immolator Plasma Tower (Core)
  This unit offers the ultimate in protection from Arm Flash and PeeWee units. Designed by ex-Arm inventor and escaped political prisoner Tohu B'vohu, this weapon will change the battlefield for Core Commanders.

  "Hedgehog" Mobile Anti-Nuke (Core)
  Named by Daniel E. of New Zealand in the TA Name the Unit Contest.

  "Flea" Scout Kbot (Arm)
  What's a Cavedog without fleas?

Patches and Fixes

3.1 Patch - 7.93 mb - Updates Total Annihilation to the most recent version, a must have.
TAConfig - 334 kb - Lets you set starting metal limit/energy limit, lets you change the shift-click increment/decrement.
Zone Registry fix - 1.05 kb - Fixes registry issue.
McnTerra-NS - 74.6 kb - Solves issues watching replays.
500 Unit Patch - .58 kb - Changes 250 unit count to 500.
5000 Unit Patch - 4.9 kb -Makes the unit count 5000.
Emg Patch - 1.6 kb - Turns off emg, reduces lag.

TA Demo Recorder - 1.36 mb - The latest TA demo recorder from Swedish Yankspankers.

TA Conflict Crusher - 477 kb - Fixes weapon and build conflicts with units, very useful. Made by: R1CH.

TA Mutator - 593 kb - This program allows you to mutate your TA game. For example, you can speed up the
building process, have more than one commander, and other mutations. Made by:
Quantum Design.

Map Creation

Annihilator 1.5 - 2.54 mb - This map creating program is far better than the editor that comes along with the original game. It is strongly advised to at least try it out if you are in the mapmaking business.
Annihilator 1.6 patch
- 189 kb - Yeah, this upgrades the Annihilator 1.5 to version 1.6, solving some of those pesky bugs.
TA Builder v1.0
- 592 kb - Another third party map editor, check it out at least. The download be fast with this one.
TA Feature placer
- 2.15 mb - TA Feature Placer is a program that randomly places features on your maps instead of manually clicking out all those trees and such. The program handle many variables for this, as for example density (how far apart the features will be set), special actions around slopes and hills and of course a specific target area to drop down the items on.
- 2.54 mb - Terragen is a 3D terrain program, that besides creating beautiful landscapes also can be used to make top-notch realistic TA maps. Oh yeah, if you are tired of all the tilesets and want to make that river flow just as you want it to, check TGen out.
TA Kingdoms Anims 2004 - 15.1 mb - The latest TA:K Animations File.
TAMEC 2004 - 25.4 mb - This is the latest TAMEC File, a must have if you're into third party map stuff. Get it if the map you just downloaded didn't work.

Unit Creation

3DO Builder 2.0 - 2.41 mb - This program is used to texture model wireframes for the game. It's one of the vital keys in the unitmaking process. Be sure to read the help files and tutorials for this program.
3DO Builder 2.1
- 3 mb - The last version of this utility. Note that this not is the upgrade patch, but a full version.
3DO Dry Cleaner
- 145 kb - A program that cleans up your 3D models. It was designed to perform the function that 3DO Builder's 'Clean Up Model' should have done.
3DS Max R4 3DO Plugin
- 13 kb - The 3DO plugin for 3DS Max by the Swedish Yankspankers.
- 1.41 mb - The Brain is a scripting utility that converts your newly written code rows into incomprehensible hex codes used by the game. Scriptor 1.0 is highly recommended over this program.
Cobbler v4.0
- 217 kb - This is a very simple script compiler that converts your newly written .bos files understood by humans into a hexadecimal .cob gibberish used by the TA engine. Beware, however, that this program is a lightweight, which means that it doesn't provide especially much error tracing, not to mention that it is in French. Scriptor 1.0 is also highly recommended over this program.
Fred 1.03 39
- 320 kb - This is a program to create .fbi files - the statistics of the unit. A good to have program just in case.
Full TA textures
- 379 kb - Technically, it's just all the logo textures that can exist - i.e. all logo shades of yellow, red, tan, blue and so on. This is mainly for creating buildpics with the desired logotyping instead of the characteric blue.
Gaf Builder Pro
- 157 kb - This excellent program let you create and view complex .gaf files (images in TA, like buildpics and explosions). Not an obvious need for those that don't make own explosions, textures or buildpics, but a well recommended accessory to have just in case.
Gaffer - 33 kb - In my opinion THE best build pic making program out there.
HPI Dump
- 32 kb - The original HPI utility. By JoeB.
HPI Manager
- 3.16 mb - An all around great tool for working with maps and units.
HPI Pack
- 46 kb - This is the tool that finishes the creation of the unit. It gathers together the masterpiece you've just created and packs it into a .ufo file, ready to be used by the game.
HPI Replace
- 2.15 mb - To avoid the gruesome steps of extracting and repacking a unit for a set of simple changes, you can use HPI Replace to tweak stuff from the "outside".
HPI Viewer
- 88 kb - This program opens .ufo and .hpi files. A very useful tool for looking into the works of other people and for generally better understanding of the file system. Open totala1.hpi to see how the game is built up.
Lazy scripter
- 146 kb - This is a simple, but yet very useful utility that makes a "blind" script to fit your model. It provides you with just the minimal requirements for a playable unit script, so don't trust it to make all your work for you.
LoS Calculator
- 48 kb - A neat nifty little tool by the Swedish Yankspankers that calculated the LoS tabled for you when you want to make longer-LoS'd units/mods.
Manic GAFactory
- 120 kb - Pack your buildpics with this stunningly simple program. One of the best buildpic making programs besides Gaffer.
- 3.14 mb - Dark Rain's handy HPI utility that allows you to combine HPI's as well as open and save them.
- 1.54 mb - The script decompiler by the same author as The Brain.
Scriptor 1.0
- 324 kb - The by far best compiler for your handmade .bos scripts into endless lines of letters and numbers that the TA engine reads. The program is large, easy to operate and with a broad error tracing (well, better than the other two alternatives). While other versions of this program sometimes refuse to compile on-off functions, this download is guaranteed to work in every condition.
Script Piece Checker
- 128 kb - Checks UFO files for scripts that might cause problems, very very useful.
- 384 kb - Rhad's awesome but somewhat buggy animation scripting program. It features keyframed animation script generation from a 3D positioner.
TADGen v2.3
- 133 kb - This little utility creates a download.tdf file for your unit. A very simple procedure, but probably quite handy in the beginning.
Texture Packer
- 86.3 kb - Create textures for your units with this little thing, does not do animated textures, try Gaf Builder Pro for that.
- 150 kb - The first uncobbling utility. Bad english and brute force approach make this one outdated, but here it is for completeness sake.
Unit editing basics
- 3 mb - This package contains the most essential programs for unit editing: 3DO Builder 2.0, Scriptor 1.0, HPI Viewer and HPI Packer.
AI designer v1.1 - 2.72 mb - The best AI creation program available, made by AI Central.
AI Profiler - 2.32 mb - Creates an AI profile for your pleasure. Comes with a strikingly good user interface, this program was created by C_A_P.

TA Bugfix - 1.64 mb - The latest Bugfix version. As the name implies, it fixes many bugs in the game and implements a greatly improved build menu (up to twelve items instead of six - no more searching around).

Unit, Map, and AI making tutorials

Annihilator Help - 2.91 mb - A large walkthrough on how to use Annihilator (properly).
Bryce Tutorial - 3.75 mb - A tutorial for the Bryce map maker.
Lister's Anni Tutorial - 747 kb - This is a guide to the Annihilator map maker made by lister3128. Check it out, don't be shy.
Terragen Mapping - 235 kb - A tutorial on how to create maps with Terragen program.
AI Guide - 210 kb - One of the best AI tweaking guides out there. Explain how the Artificial Intelligence in TA works and how it can be altered.
3DO Manual - 3 kb - A one page long word file with a little basic information on how to use 3DO Builder.
3DO Tutorial - 14 kb - While being generally messy and written in notepad, this seem to be one of the few 3DO Builder walkthroughs around, so in case you are overwhelmed with buttons first time starting up 3DO Builder with hopes of a cool unit, you might want to read this through. It was written by Storm long ago.
Model tutorial - 74 kb - One of the early tutorials written by Storm.
Rhino modelling tutorial - 777 kb - This is an excellent guide to the Rhinoceros 3D modelling program, written by Wizzball. Strongly recommended to all to-be modellers.
TA Design - 582 kb - A walkthrough for creating new units, I recommend this just as much as the Rhino tutorial, this explains a lot of things about unit making.
TA Editing - 136 kb - A walkthrough for creating and editing new units, I recommend this just as much as the Rhino and TA Design tutorial, this explains a lot of things about unit making.
BOS_File_Content_Description - 32.7 kb - A must have for the TA scriptor, as the name states, it will explain everything about TA scripting.
MAESTRO'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TA WEAPONRY - The most complete TA weapon reference ever version 1.0. This gives you ALL the information you will ever need about creating weapons for your units.
TA Designers - Has tutorials for TA Editing, TA Scripting, TA Unit Design, TA Weapons, Explosions and many many more resources for TA.


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