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The KIN Tribe

I began this race on 12/20/04 and it is going along very nicely. I have screenshots below and other misc pics showing the development of the KIN Tribe.


OTA Version:

The KIN Tribe Beta V1.0 - 9.54 mb - Downloads

Any questions, comments, suggestions, whatever, post in theforums.

Email me if the above link is ever defective.


28 Current units finished as of 03/01/05

1 Commander
8 lv1 structures
1 lv1 Bot Plant
3 lv1 Bots

1 lv1 Vehicle Plant
3 lv1 Vehicles

1 lv1 Shipyard
1 lv1 Ships
1 lv1 Sub Pen

1 lv1 Helipad
1 lv1 Assault Helicopter

1 lv1 Air Field
1 lv1 Fighter

4 lv2 structures

Misc pics:
Click to view, or right click to save as.

- Lv1 Attack Helicopter and Helipad (2-04-05)
Lv1 units as of 1-31-05
A random turret design (1-19-05)
Some more random turret designs (1-18-05)
Four resource buildings build pics (1-02-05)
Fuly texxed Kin Commander (12-30-04)
Rhino shot of old Kin Commander next to Arm Commander (12-26-04)

Click to view, or right click to save as.

- The KIN Tribe as of 01/19/04


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