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TA Design Group merges with TA House -
Monday 02/14/2005

Since TA House's death, I have persuaded them to hand over their material to be hosted at T.A.D.G. so they will no longer be using up TAU's server space. You can find all of their units in maps in our units and maps sections. Production on the KIN has slowed down a bit but it should start up again soon...

KIN unit update and preview -
Monday 1/31/2004

Here are 3DO Builder shots of the level 1 units completed so far. Just some early previews to let you know what's going on. If you can't read the writing then in the left top row is the Assault Tank, under that is the Medium Assault Tank, on the bottom left is the Construction Vehicle. The middle top row is the Construction bot and the middle bottom is the Rocket Bot (Deactivated of course.) The right top row is the Assault Bot and the bottom right is the Construction Ship.

And also I currently have my race running with the following units completed (25 in all):

1 Commander
8 lv1 structures
1 lv1 Bot Plant
3 lv1 Bots

1 lv1 Vehicle Plant
3 lv1 Vehicles

1 lv1 Shipyard
1 lv1 Ships
1 lv1 Sub Pen

1 lv1 Helipad

4 lv2 structures

First screenshot, KIN section created - Wednesday 01/19/2004

Here it is, the first KIN screenshot to be released. It has all of the land units. Click here to view or right click to save as. I have also created a KIN section where all of the information will be, for now it has screenshots and a unit list, click here to view the KIN section.

Final poll -
Friday 1/07/2004

I just wanted everyone to know that I have narrowed the name down to two options, the KIN and the Tronans but am leaning very heavily on KIN. One reason being it looks very good next to ARM and CORE since it is only three letters long. I have reset the poll options to only include the two and the length of the poll is still just over a week, make sure to vote.

What should I name my new race?


Update -
Sunday 1/02/2004

I have an update for you all, I have finished 4 resource buildings and I have not posted the pics but you can see them here. Also make sure to vote in the poll I have for the naming of my new race, and I encourage you to post in the forums and tell me what you think, I will make up my mind and close the poll in one to two weeks and let you know.

New project underway - Monday 12/27/2004

I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to begin designing my own 3rd party race to counter the Arm and Core scum, that is what I have been working on lately. For all the info and some pics you can visit my race thread here, so go ahead, post about it and give me your ideas or whatever. If you are too lazy to view the thread, here is a preview pic of the almost finished Commander in 3DO Builder:

Triple map release -
Friday 12/24/2004

I have got a triple map release for you all. The names of the maps from left to right are Metallic Base, Volcanic Forest and Cracked Earth. As you already guessed you can get more metal on the metal in Metallic Base. Just make sure to get the TAMEC 2004 file before playing these maps or they will not work. Head to the maps section to see more info and to download.

New unit, Arm Mercenary - Tuesday 12/21/2004

Today I have released a new unit. The Arm Mercenary is a level 2 Shielded Support Kbot armed with a Snub Cannon. Download this awesome Kbot in the units section.

Arm Mercenary

Two new units and one map -
Thursday 12/16/2004

Below are the build pics for two of my newest units, on the left is the Arm Filcher and on the right is the Core Vandal. I don't think anyone ever thought of making mine laying hovercrafts so I did it, head to the units section to download these units. I also have a new map below, named Barrier Reef, it's 19x19 all water map, head to the maps section to pick that up.

Arm Filcher

Core Vandal


Barrier Reef

New units, Arm Exhumer and Core Rejuvenator -
Tuesday 12/14/2004

Below are the build pics for the two of my newest units, on the left is the Arm Exhumer and on the right is the Core Rejuvenator. Visit the units section for more info and to download these awesome units.

Arm Exhumer

Core Rejuvenator

Hosted! -
Friday 12/10/2004

A big thanks to Nexus for hosting me at TAUniverse! Now I can really get underway with the site...

New map -
Wednesday 12/08/2004

I have a new map finished today, it is called "Frost Bite." Head to the maps section to download this map.

"Frost Bite"

New units, Arm Inebriator and Core Absolutist -
Tuesday 12/07/2004

Below are the build pics for the two of my newest units, on the left is the Arm Inebriator and on the right is the Core Absolutist. The Arm Inebriator is a Photonic Pulse Cannon and the Core Absolutist is a mobile rocket/missile launcher. That's enough explaining, go to the units section for more info and to download.

Arm Inebriator

Core Absolutist

New site up! -
Friday 12/03/2004

Welcome to my new unit and resource site, soon you will be able to find all the resources necessary for playing TA online, patches, fixes, Cavedog units, and popular 3rd party maps, and also coming soon will be new units and maps created by me and only me.


TA Designers

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